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The AS 3000 is designed to make sampling of aerosols and iodine on filter papers and/or carbon cartridges.

The AS 3000 has many technological innovations like the automatic regulation of air flow and the data report on USB key.

The AS 3000 is easy of use, robust, efficient and very versatile, specially designed for people working in the radiation monitoring.



  • Automatic regulation of air flow from 10 to 32 LPM.
  • Diaphragm pump (no maintenance).
  • Compatible with all paper filters and cartridges.
  • Automatic recognition of filter paper or cartridge per drive scanner option.
  • Independent pump (easy dismantling in case of contamination).
  • Installation of the filter holder by quick system on horizontal or vertical axis.
  • Operating on power supply or battery.


Integrated functions

Quick Start mode (Storage of the last programmed mode).


Program menu:

Adjustable air flow from 10 to 32 LPM with automatic flow control via microprocessor with flash memory.

Setting date and time.

Setting sampling time.

Real time display of :

  • the air flow
  • volume of the current cycle
  • the cycle being
  • filter number
  • temperature
  • the date and time
  • the cumulative air volume

Automatic storage of data (sample number, date, duration, sampling volume) on a USB key via a recognition and an automatic download on the USB key when the AS 3000 detects the introduction of the key. The backup file is a text file retrievable via all operating systems.


Choice of the filter holder

The AS 3000 is compatible with all filter holders of our range. The AS 3000 can be used with a filter holder open face for ambient air sampling or with a filter holder complete for in line sampling.

The AS 3000 is compatible with the cartridges SDEC France, but also with all cartridges currently used (MGP, Sperian, Fernez, Etc).

Each filter holder can be installed on the AS 3000 in vertical axis or in horizontal axis depending on sampling type.


Scanner Option

The optional scanner for AS 3000 allows to read the "data matrix codes". This code enables to transmit the reference number of each sampling support and the place of sampling, and can be then sticked anywhere for the reading by the user, for example at the place of sampling. When reading the code, the AS 3000 stores these data. This type of code can be edited directly and freely by the user via several free websites.


General Characteristics

Dimensions : 320 x 380 x 160 (mm). Weight : 7.8 kg . Power supply 230 Volts / 50 Hz Power supply cable : IEC Type Power max. : 150 Watts Control panel with a waterproof keyboard. LCD display with four lines of reading. Carrying handle reinforced in polyester with glass fiber. Floor support anti-slip and anti-vibration. Epoxy polyester powder paint, color : RAL 5010.

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Waterproof keyboard

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